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Understanding Rates and Tariffs - Residential - Massachusetts Gas - Liberty

Liberty is a regulated utility; our rates must be approved by state regulators. Rates reflect the cost to provide customer care, emergency and outage services, maintain and improve infrastructure and recover operating costs. Rates also reflect the cost and obligation of serving our customers safely and reliably.

Periodically, Liberty may adjust rates to reflect these costs. When this happens, the Company prepares a rate case and submits to your state regulator for approval. A rate case provides a detailed description of the circumstances that support the need for a rate change. State regulators may approve or deny rate cases or ask that they be modified. We work closely with state regulators to ensure our rates are fair and our service remains safe and reliable. 

Once rates are approved they become part of our tariffs. Tariffs are a detailed accounting of the services we deliver, our rates for those services and the terms and conditions to which we adhere.

When rates change we communicate these changes to our customers through bill inserts and notices in local newspapers and on this website.

Stay Up to Date with Significant Regulatory Filings

Liberty is committed to keeping our customers and communities informed on important energy issues. As part of this commitment, we recently created a webpage outlining the various active dockets we are involved with. We are also offering anyone interested the opportunity to receive email alerts when Liberty is involved in significant regulatory filings. Learn more below.

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Understanding Rates and Tariffs