Fall River, MA – February 4, 2020 Liberty Utilities announced today that the Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund (GNEF) is now open to all eligible candidates. The Fund helps households in temporary crisis who do not qualify for federal or state assistance with the payment of their home energy expenses. The Good Neighbor Energy Fund’s 35th annual “Give the Gift of Warmth” campaign’s goal is to raise $500,000 and assist more than 1,650 households.

“The Good Neighbor Energy Fund Committee is excited the Fund is now open to all eligible households,” said Alisha Camara, GNEF Committee Member for Liberty Utilities. “Dropping temperatures mean monthly heating bills will likely continue to rise throughout the winter season. We urge all households in Fall River, North Attleboro, Plainville, Somerset, Swansea and Westport that are in temporary crisis, whether it is due to a loss of a job, unexpected medical expense or some other circumstance, to visit the Fund’s website at www.magoodneighbor.org to see if they qualify for assistance.” Camara added that the Fund has raised more than $22 million and assisted over 90,250 households in need with the payment of monthly energy expenses since its inception in 1985. “We also ask local residents to consider providing a gift of warmth to our neighbors who are struggling through a donation to the Fund.”

The Fund is often the last resort for families who do not qualify for federal and state assistance programs. The Salvation Army Massachusetts division, which administers the Fund for the sponsoring energy companies, pays the energy provider directly for households whose gross income falls between 60 and 80 percent of the state’s median income levels. For example, a household size of four would need to have a total gross yearly income of between $71,847 and $95,795 to qualify. This campaign year’s Fund disbursement is $250 per eligible household per heating season. To apply to the Fund for assistance, visit your local Salvation Army Corps Community Center or call 800-334-3047.

Participating energy companies support their respective customers’ generosity through various giving programs. Massachusetts residents who wish to support the Fund can “Give the Gift of Warmth” by using the green-colored Good Neighbor Energy Fund donation envelope found as an insert in monthly energy bills. Customers can also donate on-line by visiting www.magoodneighbor.org or simply mailing a check payable to “Good Neighbor Energy Fund” to the Good Neighbor Energy Fund, c/o The Salvation Army, 25 Shawmut Road, Canton, Massachusetts 02021-1408.