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Construction Notifications - Residential - Massachusetts Gas - Liberty

Construction Updates

Because of the nature of our business, the majority of our infrastructure is found underground, which means our customers and other residents/businesses in the area could be affected by construction related traffic delays and detours.

In an effort to keep our valued customers better informed as to when they could potentially experience a detour or delay, we have committed to updating this page weekly. We will also use other forms of media to provide advance information. In the meantime, please bear with us! The upgrades we are making will help us provide safe and reliable service for now and the future.

The following are different types of construction activities that Libery deals with on a daily basis.

Liberty, and its subcontractors working on these projects, takes safety very seriously. This work is being done collaboratively with the municipalities that we serve, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities under local, state and federal regulations.

Please be advised that Liberty and its subcontractors carry photo identification.

  • Over the next several years, Liberty is embarking on an ambitious plan to replace certain segments of our aging distribution system. In 2022, we expect to complete 21 miles of main replacement, with 18.5 of those miles in the City of Fall River.  The goal of the GSEP is to make our system more reliable and reduce methane emissions which will help to decrease greenhouse gasses escaping into the atmosphere.

    Note: Blackstone, South Bellingham and Wrentham are not part of Liberty's Gas System Enhancement Program, as it is already made up of 100% modern materials less prone to leaks.

    GSEP is a multi-step process;

    1. The selected streets have the main replaced and the new gas main is activated
    2. Each home or business then has their gas service line transferred to the new gas main
      1. Our foreman will work with the owner to pick a new location on the building
      2. In cases where the meter is in the basement, a new service riser and meter will likely moved outside to an agreed upon location
    3. Once all of the service lines on that street are transferred to the new main, the old gas main will be decommissioned
    4. Road restoration will occur after the main & service work is completed

    This whole process usually takes one complete construction season

    We work closely with our local municipal officials to coordinate our GSEP work with their own infrastructure improvement projects, such as new water and sewer mains and road reconstruction.

  • Liberty monitors our distribution system daily and performs routine and emergency maintenance on our system in order to keep the services we offer as safe and reliable as possible. Quite often, these are unscheduled and may result in temporary detours. If you smell gas and suspect a leak, please call us at (800) 936-7000 or call 911.

  • Thinking about building a new home or want to convert your existing heating system to clean and efficient natural gas? Call our Business and Community Development team at 1-800-544-4944 to see if natural gas is available on your street. We can answer any questions you have and inform you about our programs and available incentives. 

Still Have Questions? 

For questions releated to our construction work, you can email our construction supervisors directly at

Service Areas

Below is a list of planned construction work for the week of December 11, 2023

  • (none)

    • Pleasant St @ Seventh St

    • Pleasant St @ Sixth St

    • 49 Bullock st

    • Loust St @ Ratcliffe St

    • Windsor @ Eastern Ave

    • Bullock St @ Eastern

    • Dunbar St @ Eastern Ave

    • Birch St (S. Main St to Bay St)

    • Columbia St (S. Main St to Broadway St)

    • Granite St (N. Main St to Purchase St)

    • Ford St (Bedford St @ Bank S)

    • Ninth St (Bedford St to Pleasant St)

    • Tenth St (Bedford St to Pleasant St)

    • Eleventh St (Bedford St to Pleasant St)

    • Twelth St (Bedford St to Pleasant St)

    • Locust St (Ratcliffe St to Sherman St)

    • Hill St (Bullock St to Locust St)

    • Dwelly St (S. Main St to Killburn St)

    • Columbia St (S. Main St to Broadway St)

    • Birch St (S. Main St to Bay St)

    • Jefferson St (Stockton St to Bridge)

    • Highland Ave (Maple St to Walnut St)

    • Maple St (High St to Grove St)

    • President Ave (Boomer St to Davol St)

    • Lindsey St (President Ave to Brownell St)

    • Main St @ Bedford St

    • Bedford St @ O' Grady St

  • (none)

  • (none)

  • (none)

  • (none)

  • (none)

  • (none)

  • (none)

Construction Notifications