This Summer, we’re featuring 10 ways to stay cool without spending – save energy, save money, stay cool!


You’ll spend less on cooling if you can stop heat from entering your home in the first place. Weather-stripping your windows is one measure we talk about a lot, but that’s because it’s very good advice.

Get creative with the fridge.

Freeze your berries and fruit for a fresh and healthy snack. Pop your skin care products in the fridge for a few hours so they’re refreshingly cool when you’re ready to use them.

Is your ceiling fan spinning the correct way for the season?

Remember that it’s counter-clockwise for the summer, to push air downward in order to cool the room.

Hydrate smart. 

Limit alcohol, caffeine and excess sugar – that stuff can DE-hydrate you. The more you sweat, the cooler you’ll feel, so keep replenishing those fluids to keep the effect going.

Watch the clock.

The sun is hottest between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., so keeping your blinds closed, especially on any north or west-facing windows, will go a long way to keeping your home cool, naturally. Open your windows when it gets cooler in the evening to beat the heat even more.

There’s a reason we crave refreshing watermelon in the summer.

Salt and protein produce metabolic heat when digested, and cause water loss. Try to limit those things in your summer diet and you’ll feel more comfortable in the heat. Munching on fruits and vegetables instead will have another cooling effect: no need to turn on the oven!

Wet your curtains to make the most out of a breeze coming from outside.

It’s an old trick from the days before AC. Spritz, soak, or leave the bottoms to sit in buckets of water. Run a fan at the same time to get air circulating and the water evaporating.

Another old-fashioned hint.

Sip a hot drink. It increases your sweating, and the more you sweat, the cooler you’ll feel! Spicy foods will have the same effect. Opt for a caffeine-free tea over coffee or hot chocolate for more effective hydration.

Update your bulbs.

You may be inadvertently heating your home all summer with outdated light bulbs. LED light bulbs burn cooler than incandescent. Make the switch in all your fixtures and enjoy lighting savings, too!

Fine-tune your temp.

Experiment a little and see how high you set your thermostat while remaining comfortable. It’s tempting to crank the AC, especially after time spent in the heat outdoors, but if you can increase your thermostat by just one degree, it can reduce the running cost of your appliance by 10%.